Lawrence Central Rotary Shelterbox #2Lawrence Central along with the help from the Lawrence Monday Noon Rotary and District 5710 grants were able to purchase 3 ShelterBoxes last year.

Shelterbox is a Rotary-based organization that responds instantly following natural and other disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who need it most. Each ShelterBox supplies an extended family with a tent and essential equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless. ShelterBox is now firmly established at the forefront of disaster relief and our work constantly earns the respect of outside agencies.

We recently received news that the second box we purchased was deployed to Myanmar for refugees who have lost everything due to the ongoing conflict in Kachin state in northern Myanmar.

We’ll be tracking the last one and will post updates on where it went.

If you would like more information on ShelterBox check out their Website.