On February 4, the Lawrence City Commission is considering a Transportation Alternatives KDOT grant application to extend the Burroughs Creek Trail by creating a new multi-use path from historic Hobbs Park in the East Lawrence neighborhood through downtown Lawrence to Constant Park in the Pinckney neighborhood.

The members of Lawrence Central sent Mayor Mike Dever a letter expressing our support for this grant application being submitted by the City of Lawrence.

Conceptual Map of the Proposed Route

Conceptual Map of the Proposed Route

The proposed route will connect the Arts District to Downtown. Lawrence Central Rotary understands the importance of multimodal transportation in the Lawrence-Douglas County Region and throughout Northeast Kansas. Lawrence Central Rotary also strives to support local government commitments to create multimodal infrastructure and particularly the development of facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians. Many different types of people in our region use our area’s bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and they desire to have a transportation system that is supportive of healthy and active transportation choices.

Lawrence Central Rotary strongly supports efforts to create a complete transportation system for Douglas County, and we believe that this proposed TA project will help in that effort.

Lawrence Central Rotary hopes that this project will be a fundamental first step of the local commitment to connecting the East Lawrence neighborhood not only to Downtown but also provide a pedestrian route that could access the Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

To see a copy of the letter click this link: –>  LCR BCT Trail Support Letter 01-14