Barbara Ballard was elected to the Kansas State House of Representatives in 1993 and presently serves as the House Minority Chair. Ballard attributes her career success to a number of factors, starting with her family. Her parents raised her with the expectation of achievement and the belief that she would do something special with her life. She serves on key committees dealing with appropriations, transportation, redistricting, mental health. She believes her political success is due to hard work, the ability to compromise and work across the isle, a civil temperament, and the ability to change her mind. Ballard answered questions on the big issues of the day, including redistricting, the new Panosonic Plant in De Soto and the August ballot measure on abortion.

Ballard graduated from Webster College and earned advanced degrees from Kansas State University. She has served in a number of Kansas University administrative positions and is Associate Director of the Dole Institute. Ballard also serves on numerous boards and professional associations.