Falling Forward FoundationFor Sam Porritt, the Falling Forward Foundation is personal.  Very personal.  Sam told his own story of unexpected injury to members of Lawrence Central Rotary.  In 2011, a fall during a “perfect” vacation in Italy left him paralyzed from the waist down.  Thanks to the good fortune of holding an extraordinary insurance policy that paid—and continues to pay—for his therapy, he is now able to walk, spread the word, and advocate on behalf of those with less good luck.

The statistics are sobering.  A million people each year live through a debilitating injury, illness, stroke, or other trauma and go to rehabilitation.  Most insurance policies pay for 20-30 rehabilitation therapy sessions, the medical standard.  For some people, 20-30 sessions is sufficient to regain a normal life.  But for too many others, 20-30 sessions is just not adequate.  Without recourse or funds, these patients must leave treatment before they have recovered as fully as possible.

Sam Porritt

Porritt after an incredibly long rehab process.

Porritt reminds us that this type of accident can happen to anyone.  His research declares that a dollar spent in rehabilitation can save society $11 in future disability payments.  In the 5 months since launching the Foundation in August of 2013, they have funded the continued rehab of 5 patients.

Porritt asks that we spread the word about this need and consider a tax-deductible donation to Falling Forward Foundation.  The organization has no operating costs, as Porritt is donating his time for advocacy and fund-raising.  All money received goes directly to patient care at Lawrence Memorial Hospital Therapy Services and Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City.

For more information about the Falling Forward Foundation go to http://www.fallingforward.org/

Their social media outlets are:

Lawrence Central New Members Coleman & Bryan

L-R: Olathe Rotarian Dennis Meyer, Audrey Coleman, Charlie Bryan, Michael Steinle

Lawrence Central Rotary club president Tobin Neis installed two new members at the January 29th meeting of the club.  Charlie Bryan and Audrey Coleman were welcomed into membership and received Rotary pins and packets of information. Bryan’s was presented by his sponsor, Michael Steinle. Coleman’s stepfather, Olathe Rotarian Dennis Meyer, surprised her by coming to the Lawrence meeting and participating in her installation.

Neis interviewed the new members, asking questions about their occupations (Bryan is a Comunity Health Planner with the Lawrence, Douglas County Health Department. Coleman is senior archivist at the Dole Institute); their families (two young children each); their personal interests and their interest in community service (both have been active for years.)

We’re excited to have these two dynamic individuals as a part of our Rotarian family!

On February 4, the Lawrence City Commission is considering a Transportation Alternatives KDOT grant application to extend the Burroughs Creek Trail by creating a new multi-use path from historic Hobbs Park in the East Lawrence neighborhood through downtown Lawrence to Constant Park in the Pinckney neighborhood.

The members of Lawrence Central sent Mayor Mike Dever a letter expressing our support for this grant application being submitted by the City of Lawrence.

Conceptual Map of the Proposed Route

Conceptual Map of the Proposed Route

The proposed route will connect the Arts District to Downtown. Lawrence Central Rotary understands the importance of multimodal transportation in the Lawrence-Douglas County Region and throughout Northeast Kansas. Lawrence Central Rotary also strives to support local government commitments to create multimodal infrastructure and particularly the development of facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians. Many different types of people in our region use our area’s bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and they desire to have a transportation system that is supportive of healthy and active transportation choices.

Lawrence Central Rotary strongly supports efforts to create a complete transportation system for Douglas County, and we believe that this proposed TA project will help in that effort.

Lawrence Central Rotary hopes that this project will be a fundamental first step of the local commitment to connecting the East Lawrence neighborhood not only to Downtown but also provide a pedestrian route that could access the Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

To see a copy of the letter click this link: –>  LCR BCT Trail Support Letter 01-14


BAC-new-logo-final4The Lawrence Douglas County Bicycle Advisory Committee is looking to fill two member seats at large, for positions Lecompton and Baldwin City have elected not to fill through their appointments. The first consideration for appointments will be at our February 4th, 2014 meeting. Please attend the February 4th meeting if you are interested in serving a three year term on the BAC.

Please find the agenda packet for our next BAC Meeting on February 4th, 2014 at the following link: http://lawrenceks.org/boards/bicycle-advisory-committee
This meeting will be held in the Public Works Conference Room, Lawrence City Hall, 6 East 6th Street, at 5:00pm.

The Lawrence-Douglas County Bicycle Advisory Committee provides a communication linkage between the City and County Commissions and the community on bicycling related issues. The Committee works to improve bicycle safety and awareness through education of motorists and non-motorists; review, update, and oversee the distribution of the City’s Biking Map; seek information from multiple sources on current trends, programs, and facilities outside the local area; and promote bicycle awareness by coordinating activities with the City, County, the school district, universities, and the local bicycle clubs.

For questions please contact:

Jessica Mortinger, AICP, Transportation Planner – jmortinger@lawrenceks.org
Lawrence – Douglas County Planning & Development Services | www.lawrenceks.org/pds/
City Hall 6 East 6th Street
P. O. Box 708 Lawrence, KS 66044-0708
office (785) 832-3165 | fax (785) 832-3160

Dr. Paul Atchley Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of KansasDr. Paul Atchley, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Kansas, worked hard to dispel myths about distracted drivers when he spoke to the Lawrence Central Rotary on January 22, 2014.  Atchley conducts research as a part of the KU Transportation Research Institute that focuses issues of vision and attention related to driving. In his presentation he pointed out a few myths about technology and driving today.

Myth #1:  Everyone talks on the phone while driving, so it must be ok to do it.
Atchley declares that the probability of being in a car crash goes up 400% if the driver is distracted by texting, talking on a cell phone, or even talking to a passenger in the car.  And he has the statistics to back it up!

Myth #2When people know the risks, they will change.
So why do people persist in dangerous behaviors?  Atchley says that the human brain deceives us into unrealistic expectations about our own abilities.  He gave a number of examples to demonstrate that seeing is not just a visual capacity, it is a process of “attending.”  And everyone thinks they are better at it than they really are!

Myth #3Multitasking.
Atchley reminded club members that when traffic gets heavy, usually the driver of a vehicle stops conversation and both the driver and the passenger focus on other the cars around them.  If a driver is listening to the radio or a book on tape, he probably will miss a chunk while navigating a difficult traffic situation.  No one can do two things at once, not even talking and driving.

So certainly we won’t make a phone call from our car on the way home from the meeting.  Another myth!  Our attitudes are disconnected from our actions.  Most of us won’t change the way we behave.

So what do we do?  Atchley’s solution  to stopping distracted drivers is “education and enforcement.”  He and others conducting research have the story to tell.  The next step is to enact tougher laws against the use of cell phones in moving vehicles.

Meeting Information:
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Eldridge Hotel
All American Room
701 Massachusetts
Lawrence, KS 66044

Wednesday's at Noon

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