We’re a teenager!  2016 marks thirteen years that Lawrence Central Rotary has been in existence. Twenty members and fourteen guests gathered from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2, at Marceli’s to celebrate.

Thanks and kudos to Shon Qualseth for making the arrangements.  Marceli’s was a perfect venue and a great host.  The choice of a buffet of appetizers instead of a sit-down meal made the whole evening feel more relaxed and certainly encouraged mingling and table-hopping.  Obviously, the food selection was a hit, as most of the platters were empty at the end of the evening.

As President Kate Campbell said in her comments that night, our club at thirteen-years-old has many attributes of a stereotypical teenager.  We are growing quickly—eight new members since this time last year.  Sometimes we’re a bit gangly and awkward because of our growth spurts—as evidenced by the fact that our meeting space at the Eldridge is a bit tight these days.

Like a teen, we’re increasingly strong and mature and confident of our identity in the Lawrence community.  Our budget is solid.  Board members are active and talented.  We never have trouble getting stimulating programs for our meetings or finding volunteers for our various community projects.  We look outward to donate to international initiatives as well as supporting local ones. Our signature event in the Community Bike Rides will take place for the sixth time this season.  Certainly we love our Rotary friends and like to hang out together.  And we are full of exuberance, optimism and enthusiasm for what’s ahead.

It’s great to be a teenager!  Here’s to many more years ahead.