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Marilyn Hull and Charlie Bryan Discuss the Lawrence Pedestrian Bicycle Issues Task Force Report

Marilyn HullDouglass Country Community Foundation Program and Communications Officer Marilyn Hull and Douglas Country Community Health Department Community Health Planner (and Lawrence Central Rotary Member) Charlie Bryan came to present the findings of the Lawrence Pedestrian Bicycle Issues Task Force Report released earlier this year.

The Task Force’s mission is “use community input and research to recommend ways to create a healthier, safer, greener, more prosperous Lawrence by making it easier for residents and visitors of all ages, abilities, and incomes to walk, ride a bike, or use a wheelchair or other mobility device for everyday transportation and recreation.

The big takeaway from the report is that virtually every Lawrence citizen walks, wheels or rides a bike in the course of a week.  From the report:

It may be as simple as walking or wheeling from a car or bus stop to a grocery store or doctor’s office. It may be riding a bike to school, or walking to work, or wheeling to a downtown event. Everybody needs safe ways to move around the community.

Because the need is universal, the City of Lawrence Pedestrian-Bicycle Issues Task Force has taken an inclusive approach to studying our walking, wheeling and bike-riding environment. Our findings and recommendations are geared toward providing additional safety and comfort for all ages and abilities.

Marilyn Hull | Charlier BryanThey also pointed out that Lawrence has 72 linear miles of streets with no sidewalks. The report asserts that Lawrence’s sidewalk maintenance policy is ineffective, resulting in a deteriorating pedestrian network. Many sidewalks don’t provide adequate access for people with disabilities or seniors with mobility limitations.

They also showed members a recommended map of upgrades and additions to the local bike and multi-use path network that would ultimately complete the loop around Lawrence.

If you are interested in more information please visit the Pedestrian-Bicycle Issues Task Force at