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Sarah Bell Highlights the Kansas Museum of History

Sarah Bell spoke about the Kansas Museum of History where she has just taken the position of Director of Education and Museum.  Although the museum is currently closed for a major renovation, she encourages everyone to plan a visit once the changes are complete in 2024.  

Sarah showed images of the displays in the museum prior to the current renovation.  The museum displays sought to provide information in chronological order.  The focus was on key artifacts and used interactive elements intended to stimulate conversations about what is historically significant.  The John Brown exhibit, for example, asked questions about whether Brown was a hero or a terrorist.  A teepee and a grass lodge show the way that Native Americans lived.  A locomotive positioned in the center of the museum underlines the key roll that the railroad played in Kansas history.   William Allen White’s printing press was  

These artifacts and many others will continue to be on display, but the new arrangement will emphasize themes over time rather than chronology.

As the public awaits the re-opening of the museum, they can visit the many other historical sites maintained by the Kansas State Historical Society and enjoy “Museum After Hours” presentations at 6:30 p.m. on the second Friday of each month.