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City News and Information

City Commissioner Brad Finkeldei visited Lawrence Central Rotary to to answer questions and provide a state of the city report. Commissioner Finkeldei is a member and past president of the Rotary Breakfast Club and earned a Law Degree from Kansas University and a Chemical Engineering Degree from Kansas State University. The Commissioner is a partner with Stevens and Brand, LLP and has served on numerous boards in the community. His focus was on the current Strategic Plan for the city. He explained how the plan was put together and revised, utilizing sophisticated systems that analyze risks and expenses.

Elements of the plan include Unmistakeable Identity, Strong and Welcoming Neighborhoods, Safety and Security, Prosperity and Economic Security, and Infrastructure Issues. The plan drives the budget and Commissioners review progress indicators periodically. Commissioner Finkeldei took questions on storm water issues, bus lines, housing, the homeless and various street projects. Commissioners and city staff work hard to invest in and manage projects that will maintain and encourage a safe and prosperous environment for city residents.