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Municipal Services, A Big Responsibility

Lawrence Central Rotary’s newest member, Melissa Sieben, is the Director of Municipal Services and Operations for the City of Lawrence. She has been on the job for a year and brings with her over twenty years of city government experience. Most recently she served as Assistant Administrator of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and also held positions in Illinois and Iowa. Melissa holds an MA in Public Administration from the University of Kansas and a BA in History from Iowa State University. She is also active in and has held positions of responsibility in various professional organizations. Melissa is also a past President of the Kansas City Kansas Rotary Club.

Melissa is responsible for all aspects of maintaining and developing City infrastructure, a big challenge, as much of that infrastructure is aging and the city continues to grow. She stressed the importance of good communications and data driven change. She also commented on various projects in the City Capitol Improvement Program, noting that more federal funds have become available to assist cities. East 23rd Street improvements, street maintenance and storm water management are some of the projects scheduled for work.