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A Passion for Barbecue

Rex Buchanan is a familiar figure around the state, he is known for his work with the Kansas Geological Survey, as an author, and as an enviornmental commentator on Kansas Public Radio. Perhaps what you didn’t know about Buchanan is that the man loves his barbecue. He loves to eat it, he loves to talk about it, he even likes to argue about it-all in good fun. Buchanan lovingly talked about barbecue basics; slow cooking over indirect heat, usually beef or pork. The Southeast part of the country likes pork with a vinegar base sauce. In Texas they love their brisket and sausage. But it is Kansas City barbecue on which Buchanan waxes eloquent. Arthur Bryant bought a local barbecue joint in 1946 and became a barbecue legend. Kansas City barbecue is noted for a focus on sauce, burnt ends, and lots of variety. Buchanan conducts his Kansas City barbecue research with a group of friends, noting that there are over one hundred barbecue joints in the city. He came with his list of top ten joints in Kansas City: 10. Big T’s, 9. LCS, 8. Chief J, 7. Gates, 6. Joes KC, 5. Slaps, 4. Jones Sisters, 3. Jacks Stack, 2. Harps, 1. Arthur Bryants. If you have a different opinion, Buchanan will be happy to argue the point.