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Mental Health First Aid For Our Times

Shania Lopex-Cabera is passionate about her Ambassador Volunteer work with Bert Nash Community Health Center. Mental Health First Aid courses are designed to provide individuals with the skills they need to help someone experiencing a Mental health crisis or developing mental health problems. Participants learn warning signs, including signs of substance abuse, and strategies for helping in various situations. The class prepares people for dealing with real life situations. Courses consist of two hours of home preparation and six hours of class time. Classes focus on either adult or youth mental health and have a thirty dollar fee.

Shania is a member of the Jayhawk morning Rotary Club and she is encouraging Rotarians and their families to sign up for a Mental Health First Aid class for Rotarians and their Families on February 27. Shania stressed that the need for awareness and action on mental health issues is greater than ever. Kansas is experiencing a very high incidence of depression, especially in rural areas. Suicide rates also exceed the national average and local mental health professionals are over whelmed. Shania’s Rotary connection goes back to a life changing youth exchange experience in Denmark. She has had a variety of work experience, including banking and has returned to Kansas University to complete her degree.