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Cashless Tolling Comes to the Turnpike

Rachel Bell, Business Services and Customer Relations for the Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA), previewed cashless tolling which is coming in July. The KTA conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys which have revealed strong interest in cashless tolling. Such a system eliminates toll booths and relies on technology that records K-Tag information or images of license plates and bills vehicles later through a KTA account. Drivers may register a credit card for toll payment. Conversion will be automatic for present K-Tag users and KTA will continue to work with the states with which they presently have reciprocal agreements. The reasons for the change include safety, convenience and efficiency. Keeping traffic moving is to everyones advantage and the timing for the change is good as 70 per cent of the KTA workforce will be retiring in the next couple years. Rachel indicated that the toll rate for the new system will be the lowest cashless toll in the nation. She also noted that Lawrence is home to one of three KTA Customer Service Centers. The KTA website has more information on how cashless tolling will work.