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Municipal Services and Operations Project Underway

City of Lawrence Engineering Program Manager Andy Ensz spoke on plans for the new Municipal Services and Operations Campus (MSO). The project will create a new consolidated headquarters for departmental employees and also addresses storage and facility needs. Presently the city has a dozen separate facilities to carry out MSO functions and many of them are undersized, sit in the flood plain, and have significant maintenance problems. There are also neighborhood concerns as well as safety and security issues.

The new campus will accommodate such city operations as Central Maintenance, Streets and Traffic, Water, Storm Water and Waste Water, Solid Waste, Inspections, and Administration. Sustainability has been employed in the design and construction and the plan has been modified to address neighborhood concerns. The plan was approved in 2023 and the construction phase is set for 2024 through 2026. The new MSO Campus is expected to provide significant efficiencies of operation for the City of Lawrence.