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Presidential Preview

President-elect Megan Richardson provided a preview of her plans for her coming club leadership year. Megan joined Lawrence Central Rotary Club in 2016 and has served as club Treasurer for a number of years. Megan spoke of her love of family, community, travel, antiques and power tools. Megan explained that she has always enjoyed working outside and using the necessary tools to work on yard and home. She recently completed Rotary District training for incoming club Presidents and is excited about taking office the start of July. She complimented President Kade Meyer, the club board and club members for a very successful year of activities. Megan would like to see club membership increase to 43, develop and share an annual calendar and expand the club’s social media presence. She promised to be fully engaged, energetic and to “build on what we are.” Megan is very active in the community and serves as Vice-President at First State Bank and Trust.